• Fotan Arts Carnival-Experience for pottery wheel-free of charge for the first 50 visitor
  • 30 Jan 2011 · 14:00 - 17:00 Jubilee shopping Mall 1/F
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  • Our members created a group ceramics work - "Eating" for the Fotanian Open Studio 2011 program, Open hours:日2:00-7:00pm8-9, 15-16/1/2011。
  • Joining the 10 Years of Fotanian: OpenStudios 2011,we shall run a extra activity- "Fun in Pottery Throwing" on the top of open our studio in 2:00-7:00pm8-9, 15-16/1/2011.
  • no experience require for kid to adult
  • first come first go, section for 30 minutes
  • We have 13 pottery throwing kicking or electic machine, you can bring back your first pot home!
  • charges: $30,for prepared caly 3 pounds, box and packing home set.
  • every one should clean up the tools after usage.
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  • Arthome pottery supplier start to supply pottery materilas and tools for artist and schools, we are developing a series of environmental green mid-range glaze for schools. A special coupon for teacher's training course will be offer for every $1500 purchase. Please call 26901238 or visit our new web page.


  • Our gallery is opened for display artist's work form local and world wide. You may buy their work too. Details can be found in the gallery page.
  • The officers of Development Deptartment visit our studio to understand the creative business and ask for some ideas in protecting the cultural art in Hong Kong.
  • The Fotan Gate II will be construct in the two weekends in the Fotanian Open Studio program
  • All the process of building the large installation will be shown to public, all visitor can join the building job like cutting of the wood column, burning the wood with gas fire torch (5:00-7:00pm 24/1/2010) . Please come to share the FUN!
  • Our studio joined the fotanina openstudio 2010 Fotanian 2010
  • open hours:16-17/1/2010 , 23-24/1/2010 (Saturday and Sunday 4 days) 2:00-7:00pm
  • Visitors are welcome to share with our members then.

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  • The「Fotan Gate」installation (5mx8mx2.5m H ) was complete in the two week in the Fotanian Open Studio 2009 program to celebrate the first time we join this program as well as we found this studio in 2009
  • All visitor are invited to join the construction process. Many visitors help us to cut the wood and burn the wood to black. Some visitors are excird and come and help for two weeks.
  • There are about 1000 visitors come within these two weeks.




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